Anxious Patients

Brooklyn Dental Centre maintains a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere to help every patient feel at ease – no matter your age or dental need.

Services for Anxious Patients, Dentist Brooklyn, Newport NSWhy are people afraid of the dentist?

Whether you need a cavity filled, require treatment for sore gums, have a chipped tooth or need dentures, we can help you stay relaxed during your appointment. We try to maintain a comfortable atmosphere so that our patients look forward to their visits.


We are all afraid to try new things. At Brooklyn Dental Centre, our team will create a treatment plan made just for you. We'll keep you involved with the creation of your treatment plan and make sure it suits your oral health needs. Our team will walk you through each and every appointment as we want to make sure that you are fully aware of a procedure before we perform it. 

Previous bad experiences

When we have bad experiences they can stay with us a long time. We want to help you through your appointment, so please let us know if you have had a previous bad dental experience. We want our patients to feel comfortable and safe in our office.

Let us know when you are ready and we will walk you through your appointment and your procedure. If at any time you wish to stop a procedure or an appointment, please give us a signal and we will begin again when you are ready.

Relax! We're Here to Help.

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